Study Nursing, HRM, and 300+ professions in Germany for 3 years with allowance and attend training centers with our vocational training and practicum program. Gain a Schengen Visa and explore Europe.
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Service Overview:

  • The Ausbildung service at LGPI provides comprehensive vocational training programs tailored for specific professions in Germany.
  • It aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and certifications required for successful careers in their chosen fields.

This service is perfect for:

  • Individuals who are interested in pursuing vocational training and acquiring specialized skills in Germany.
  • Students or professionals looking to enhance their career prospects and gain hands-on experience in a specific industry.
  • Those who wish to explore employment opportunities in Germany's thriving job market.

Opportunities waiting for you from this service:

  • Access to a wide range of vocational training programs across various industries, such as healthcare, engineering, hospitality, and more.
  • Opportunities to learn from experienced instructors and industry experts who will guide you through the training process.
  • Acquisition of valuable certifications and qualifications that are recognized and highly regarded in Germany.
  • Increased chances of securing employment or apprenticeship positions in Germany upon completion of the Ausbildung program.

Course Summary:
Course Level:
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Lessons (Chapters):
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First and foremost, thank God almighty for His grace, which has embraced me throughout this life’s journey. I am in awe, and it is surreal that I did it all alone through His.

Gratefully blessed on what God has been sent to be an instrument in helping me pass this.

Learn German ph has been a very great help. To my favorite teacher, Herr Scott, my bubbly coach, Ma’am Cindy, and Herr Dmitrij, who challenged my ability to speak more auf, Deutsch. Ma’am Jenny Apare has been so helpful in answering all my queries from the beginning of my enrollment to the rest of the LGPI family. With your supervision and excellence in this field, my heart is immensely overwhelmed with gratitude that I unlocked another milestone in my life through your help.

Genesis Gallardo

Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve been studying German by myself and wanted to enroll in your school. What is the process?

We will have an assessment first to check your proficiency level before you can proceed to enroll in our intensive courses. 

What if I missed a class due to some urgent matters?

No problem. We have a recorded session where you can watch the class and catch up with the lesson. 

What’s the class set-up?

Currently, all of our classes are conducted online via Zoom